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Overview of the United States of America from 1890 to 1950

1890 to 1950 was a great time period for the United States. It gained a good deal of military power after immerging victorious from World Wars I and II. The wars during this time also spurred on the invention of many things such as the tank and nylon. This period was also the beginning of the civil rights movement. It was during this time period that Thomas A. Edison was working in his laboratory in New Jersey. Air planes where flow and quickly grew a lot faster, safer, and generally more efficient. Also ship travel time from the coast to coast of the US was almost cut in half by the building of the Panama Canal. Movies became very popular and the fist awards ceremony in held in 1929. But some parts of our history are not so great. The atom bomb was invented and used in World War II. In the military there was still a separate colored regiment and segregation was still prevalent. But through the good and bad the United States becomes a great, if not the greatest, nation during this time period.